We try hard to protect your private data and do not collect anything more than needed for a successful operation of our service.

Your Account

When creating an account on Depentree you share some private information with us, like email. We do not resell or in any way share this information with any third party services other than for functionality required for our service to operate (for example for sending email notifications or announcements).


We use cookies for storing your user identifier for you to be able to login to Depentree. If you're not logged in, we do not use cookies for identification or tracking.

IP address, Geo Location

During normal navigation ip address and geo location are saved without the connection to account.

During payments or login/logout actions IP address is recorded for security purposes and legal reasons.


We do not store any payment information (credit card numbers, expiration dates, cardholder names etc). We do store irreversible tokens for recurring payments (this is explicitly stated during the first order).